What is a giant screen movie?

Movies that are projected larger than life are known as dome or giant screen features and normally run 40-minutes in length.  A true giant screen film is created for a specific venue, like a regional museum or aquarium and is not converted from a television series.  A dome movie can immerse an audience and literally fill the field of view above the audiences’ head.  A flat giant screen experience is projected on a screen 70 feet wide and 60 feet high!

Needless to say, special 2D or 3D cameras that have very high resolution are needed.  Slower editing techniques are used to not overwhelm the audience but the two most import aspects are picture quality and audio immersion.  The picture must have great colors and be tack sharp while the audio is mixed in 7.1 or now in 12.0 surround sound.  The goal of this type of storytelling is a visual and audio experience that is almost like being there.  Giant screen movies play in venues for long periods of time with educational films often tying in with exhibits and ancillary items.


A giant screen movie has an aspect ratio of 1.43 to 1.  Images are shot in the lower third of the screen which helps the movie work well in both the dome and flat screen formats.